Molly Keane Writers Retreat

Don Share - Poetry Masterclass

An amazing opportunity to workshop your poems with POETRY's Don Share.  All details here

Making Those Five Perfect Poems

 With Thomas McCarthy

In this year's double workshop (May & Sept) we will work again on the materials you have at hand.  We will move beyond mere frustration to identify a method and an attitude that may produce your five perfect poems of the Summer of 2017 . 

All details here.

Creative Writing - Learning the Craft

With Lani O'Hanlon.

This one day intensive is suitable for emerging writers and those just starting out who would like to improve their craft.  All details here

  Time to Write  


A three day writing retreat in the Molly Keane Writers Retreat.

Whether you have a project that needs to be finished, are just starting out, or floundering somewhere in the middle, this focused three day retreat will give you the space and time to concentrate on your own writing.  All details here






Winner of the Molly Keane Creative Award 2017: Click here

We are delighted that our unique workshop with Don Share is fully booked - we are operating a waiting list :):):):):):):)

Our 2017 line up : Don Share, Thomas McCarthy and Lani O'Hanlon.  Click here

Sunday Miscellany 2nd April 2017, Lani has another 2 pieces on this weeks radio programme.  Click here    

Thomas McCarthy's poem 'Slow Food' has been published in The Guardian